You have everthing--you have him, and the car, with the radio that goes just loud enough, and windows that roll down to let in an inviting breeze, and an endless stretch of highway to lead you anywhere you want to go.
And you know with the sort of certainty that is absolute, that leaves no room for doubt,

That you have never been happier than you are here with him riding shotgun.

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Writing: chapter 10 of my mute!sam longverse for ao3

Watching: Supernatural reruns and Teen wolf season 4

Reading: Only Fools Rush In by decideophobia on ao3 (it's a sterek fanfic)

Excited about: seeing jensen and jared tweet at each other, hearing more about j2's kids, the end of hellatus, the return of the samulet
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so has anyone done this yet or

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Line-art commission (Disney-esque style) for Youaremyroadmap, who wanted young weechester cuddles! 

Dean is always looking out for Sammy. 

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Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki singing for Jason Manns’ “Christmas with Friends” album. [x][x]

Pre-order the album (featuring J2 and many more Supernatural stars) here

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Love this episode😂

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i am awful bc i have been super inactive lately but i’ve been starting to get a social life and it’s kinda scaring me?? 

so um anyways i promise if you send me poem prompts i will do them tomorrow when my classes are done!!!

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autumnwincest: holy SHIT i just read the last update for without a word and every chapter gets better than the last but THIS ONE oh my god youre such an amazing writer and i cant wait for the next update!!!

oh my god thank you so much!!! <3 I hope you’ll like the next chapter even more when I can get my lazy ass writing it!

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a-multitude-of-fandoms: I just wanted to say that you write beautifully!!!! I'm in love with your poetry, it inspires me so much. Keep on doing what you're doing, cause it's amazing! <33333

yayy! Thank you so much. It’s so so amazing to get feedback like this it makes me unbelievably happy!! You’re perfect—thank you!!!! 

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the purge is a very important episode.

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A Study in Silhouettes 
↳ 1.16 Shadow

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