You have everthing--you have him, and the car, with the radio that goes just loud enough, and windows that roll down to let in an inviting breeze, and an endless stretch of highway to lead you anywhere you want to go.
And you know with the sort of certainty that is absolute, that leaves no room for doubt,

That you have never been happier than you are here with him riding shotgun.

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Writing: chapter 10 of my mute!sam longverse for ao3

Watching: Supernatural reruns and Teen wolf season 4

Reading: Only Fools Rush In by decideophobia on ao3 (it's a sterek fanfic)

Excited about: my date tomorrow, jensen getting twitter, the end of hellatus
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Sidenote: poem for description and poems from the roses below are both so please don't steal! If you'd like to use them, please ask me and give credit x
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